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Shankar Mahadevan Academy launched in U.S.

New York: Shankar Mahadevan, the Indian singer and composer, and Clood On, a provider of virtual learning software, have launched the "Shankar Mahadevan Academy" in the U.S. The online academy helps Indians in the U.S. to strengthen their connection with India's culture and heritage by making it easy to access quality music instruction.

Courses will be offered in a variety of styles including Hindustani, Carnatic, Bollywood, folk and devotional. The whole premise of the online classroom is built around a "fun" concept so as to make the process of learning both enriching and interesting. All teachers will be selected and endorsed by Shankar Mahadevan.

"Our objective with the Academy is to make music learning a fun and rewarding journey for all, without compromising on the quality of the curriculum and instruction", said Shankar Mahadevan.

"The technology developed by us for the Academy - especially the OM Book - is intended to make this process of music learning fun and convenient, and to make it accessible to thousands of Indians in the U.S., who until now had little or no options," said Sridhar Ranganathan, co-founder and CEO of Shankar Mahadevan Academy.

Source- SiliconIndia Tuesday, 15 February 2011


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